ACRORIP ® is very easy to install! Unlike previous versions that have installation hiccups or warnings, installing genuine ACRORIP ® V107 or V11 is a breeze. Every purchase comes with a download link to install the software, as well as a licensed dongle (transferable to more than 1 computer). Works with DTG, DTF and UV Printers.

ACRORIP V10.6 works with Windows 7 / 8 / 10
ACRORIP V11.2 works with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
It is recommended to NOT upgrade to Windows 11
as Windows 11 is still relatively new and not as stable as previous Windows versions, it will require fixes and patches by Microsoft, and also requires printer driver updates by Epson for the various Epson models (many of which are older and may not be upgraded by Epson). Driver conflicts are common any time Microsoft updates its OS. Wait for the OEM printer manufacturers to release updated drivers for Windows 11, for Microsoft to patch and improve its OS, and for ACRORIP to be fully tested for compatibility. Check back here for any updates. Relevant articles:

If you don't have your download link and require our assistance, please contact us and provide your order number and place of purchase so that we can validate that you have received an authentic copy of ACRORIP and we can provide you with the latest software download to complement your authentic dongle.

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