ACRORIP ® V11 desktopDTF ® & ACRORIP ® V11 wideDTF ® editions are now available (BUY from authorized resellers)

ACRORIP ® V10.6 is also available (BUY from authorized resellers or REQUEST AN UPGRADE if you have a previous genuine ACRORIP ® V10 version)

The most popular and easiest to use RIP software on the planet is now available in new versions and with new or expanded functionality, while maintaining the same familiar easy to use interface and compatible with popularly utilized Epson based DTG printers, DTF Printers and UV Printers.


ACRORIP V10 ® (DTGRIP ®) continues to be supported and upgrades will remain available in so far as supporting or enhancing existing functionality (including for bug fixes or minor updates as necessary) and existing printer compatibilities. No new printer compatibilities or new functionality will be rolled out to V10. The currently available latest upgrade for V10 is V10.6 and works only with genuine ACRORIP dongles.
Beware of pirated (fake / non-genuine) ACRORIP that contain viruses, are glitchy (have lapses in functionality), and are not upgradeable to the latest genuine ACRORIP.
ACRORIP V9 and prior versions are not supported.
Buy from authorized ACRORIP resellers to ensure you are buying genuine product.

ACRORIP ® V11 (DTFRIP ®) is a new/separate product and available in 2 editions (ACRORIP V11 desktopDTF ® and ACRORIP V11 wideDTF ®).
Any new functionality or new printer compatibility releases will only be madeavailable in ACRORIP ® V11 (not in V10).
To see the printer compatibilities for V10 vs V11, click here.

Enjoy features such as: