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DTF is a printing technology that uses a PretreatSheet™ and PretreatPowder™
It is a Transfer method that utilizes a FILM, called a 
PretreatSheet™ and an adhesive bonding powder called PretreatPowder™.
This is an alternative to traditional PRETREATMENT using liquid solution that is sprayed on to a TShirt or garment as used in traditional DTG printing.

DTF works effectively using KODAK DTG ink and DTGPRO ink also. 

PretreatSheet™ is available is various sizes, both in Sheets and Rolls.
DTGPro.com has them available in A4 size, and A3 size, as well as rolls.

Traditional DTG printers like P640, P600 and L1800 Epson printhead type printers that can work with DTG RIP software, may be used for DTF printing. 
It is important to note that ONLY printers that work with DTG RIP software can be effectively utilized, since they require printheads and software capable of managing DTG ink and channels
Software like ACRORIP/PARTNER RIP : https://dtgpro.com/cicproduct/dtg-soft-acrorip-v9-0.php

DTF compares favorably with DTG technology in terms of washability, and feel.
KODAK is one of the early developers of DTG ink formulated to work with DTF 

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