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I have created an icc profile with an X-rite but it does not show up in the available profiles in AcroRip 10.3.  I have it in the same directory as the ones that show up.  InstallDir\Profile\CMYK. I've tried one directory above this one still no joy.  I am using Argyll CM to create the profile.  Could that be the issue?

Any suggestions?

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Did you ever find the solution to your problem with the icc profile not showing up?
yes. It needs to be created as a CMYK profile NOT RGB.
Hey  yep sorry have been busy with other things yes got it sorted in the end first i couldnt make a CMYK profile with the software i had selecting the printer but then i ended up installing acrorip on another computer and all of of sudden i had partner manager driver showing as a printer and that creates a CMYK profile and send it to acrorip so all good
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is the profile you made a RGB or CMYK profile
i have not used acrorip 10 yet but on 9  you have to use CMYK profiles