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Only the official DTGRIP software powered by ACRORIP has V10.1 features. Don't be ripped off by scam or fake software, buy only DTGRIP ® authorized ACRO software.

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In addition to the ACRORIP V10 features, ACRORIP V10.1 now features RIPBOOST ®

With the RIPBOOST ® setting you can speed up your Epson L1800 printer by 40%! That's faster than any RIP software on the market!

Available only on the DTGRIP ® software that is powered by ACRORIP. 

And good news for previous DTGRIP ® V10 customers - if you can show proof of purchase from a verified seller, we will provide an upgrade to V10.1 - email AcroRip and include a copy of your order details for where you bought DTGRIP V10, and we will assist with an upgrade to V10.1.

Other benefits / features of ACRORIP V10.1 include:

  • Easy and bug-free installation (V9 is more complicated and buggy to install)
  • Custom channel settings (on V9, the channels are fixed, however with V10 you can change channels on demand and based on your custom requirements)
  • Updated Drivers
  • If a COLOR ( CMYK) Nozzle is clogged, the CUSTOM CHANNEL Setup feature allows CHANNEL SUBSTITUTION. For example, if yellow is clogged, use a WHITE CHANNEL and use YELLOW INK in that CHANNEL and Close off the original Yellow channel. Simpler example is change the white cartridge for a yellow one, in the working channel, and make that setting in the setup menu. This feature is useful in DTG and DTF systems to allow the use of the head, even with clogged channel(s). Basically allows you to continue to use a clogged head, since you have 2 or 4 white in channels as substitutionary.

  • WAVE FUNCTION: This is for UV printers that have Epson Printheads, to alleviate a banding issue. Allows for "wider spray".
  • Proprietary RIP BOOST ™ setting to increase the print speed of the popular Epson L1800 printer by 40%
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Can you support epson R2880 ?