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Acrorip V10 is fully compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

It is recommended to NOT upgrade to Windows 11 as Windows 11 is still too new and not stable (it was only released in Oct 2021). 

Compatibility of Acrorip with Windows 11 depends on Epson drivers' compatibility with Windows 11 as well as Intel and Microsoft's compatibility issues with certain versions of Epson drivers. RIP software simply utilizes the Epson drivers within the Windows Operating system, so as Epson updates their drivers (and users in turn download the latest Epson drivers from Epson's website), and as Microsoft also updates its Windows 11 OS as it identifies and repairs its own issues, Acrorip will begin to work as well.

It is therefore recommended to postpone updating your Windows version as much as possible to allow time for Epson to update its drivers, and for Microsoft to update and patch the Windows 11 OS. While we have noticed improvements and fixes, some compatibility issues may still remain.


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