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I have a purchased a LEGAL resale copy of 10.3 from someone who originally purchased within the last 6 mos. I don't know if my 10.3 download code is unique and encodes a serial number, or if a serial number can be found from the dongle that I posses, or what.
I am experiencing paper feed problems with the XP15000 which is a known bug with 10.3 and I need the upgrade to 10.4.  It seems fair that DTGPro/AcroRIP should allow my upgrade if they are to reassure purchasers that they are purchasing a product that is fairly resellable - should the buyer desire that option.

I see the support contact form for the 10.4 beta (and I prefer to wait until not beta) requires original purchaser information.  Is there the possibility of any exceptions so I may get 10.4, a version that is usable with my XP15000, without the bug preventing me from getting what I paid for in the first place?

How can I request a fair exception so I may get a working version?

Thank you.

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Yes you can certainly request an upgrade to v10.4 if you have a genuine V10.3. The software upgrade requests are handled via this form.

Please note that paper feed issues may be related to printer sensors and/or rollers / grip (ie. dependent on printer modifications).

Here is a video of successfully using V10.3 on a properly modified XP15000 with both paper and film on both A4 and A3 sizes:


On V10.4 (beta release), there is a slight adjustment for central paper guide handling, and new recommended page widths for the XP15000, specifically:

For A4 : PAPER SIZE : 203 X 297MM (7.992 X 11.693 INCHES)
For A3 : PAPER SIZE : 290 X 420MM (11.417 X 16.535 INCHES)
For A3+ : PAPER SIZE : 322 X 430MM (12.677 X 16.929 INCHES)

We look forward to receiving your request so we can provide you with 10.4 beta and help you be successful.

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