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Acrorip V10.4 is in BETA RELEASE, what does this mean?
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Acrorip V10.4 is in Beta-Release as of Oct 12, 2021. Beta release versions allow users try out pre-release software. The feedback that users provide on quality and usability helps Acrorip identify issues, fix them, and make the software even better. If you bought a V10 RIP from an authorized reseller and you want to test V10.4, you can contact support for the upgrade. 

Improvements in V10.4 include:

  • Updated drivers and settings to assist with some printer sensor/film transparency recognition issues
  • Larger image handling capabilities on Epson P6000 / 7880 / 7890
  • Central paper guide handling improvements for XP-15000 / ET-8550

Note: For best results, use these recommended print width settings For XP-15000, ET-8550 (in Layout > Paper Size):

For A4  :
203 x 297mm (7.992 x 11.693 inches) 

For A3  : 
290 x 420mm (11.417 x 16.535 inches) 

For A3+ :
322 x 430mm (12.677 x 16.929 inches)

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Hi. Is there any consideration to adding a driver for the Epson 9890 which is the 44 inch version of the 7890 which you already support?