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hi there! acrorip 10.2 gives me "white ink empty" error and cannot print! I cleaned the head, i tried whith a new head but still same error... anyone knows a sollution? the printer is an Epson L1800 3 months old

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Please send us the file that you are using to print and a snapshot of the settings that you are currently using (all 4 tabs) so that we can reproduce and advise.
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In order to get past the “command error - white empty” message, you need to follow the below instructions:
  1. 1. If the image you want to print contains both white+color, set WHITE COPIES = 1, COLOR COPIES =1
       2.  If the image you want to print contains white color, set WHITE COPIES = 1
       3. If the issue persists, a windows update has caused a virtual error.

In the latter case, proceed with
  • - Uninstall DTGRIP
  • - Manually delete the installation folder (DTGRIP) available under DRIVE C
  • - Reinstall DTGRIP
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